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Worried Shoes | November 2014 - May 2016 | The band that meant it | Music Photography in Plymouth

Worried Shoes | November 2014 - May 2016 | The band that meant it | Music Photography in Plymouth

Photographic Collage of the band 'Worried Shoes' playing live music across PlymouthABOVE : 'Worried Shoes' . The band that meant it.

Worried Shoes | November 2014 - May 2016 | The band that meant it

Natural, unforced, innate, spontaneous and lucid. this WAs a band to infuse you with a fresh appreciation for the possibilities that music can have, in enhancing our time on this journey through the soup of modern mediocrity.

It's easy to throw adjectives at something as subjective, abstract and ethereal as a piece of music, but this review is never going to amount to much more than licking a window in an effort to replicate the stroke of a warm lovers hand on your cold face, when trying to describe what being in the same aural space as Worried Shoes felt like.

 'Worried Shoes' drummer Tim Langsford playing at The Nowhere Inn PlymouthABOVE : 'Worried Shoes' Drummer Tim Langsford at The Nowhere Inn Plymouth

Like that old fading polaroid held together with masking tape even though they are sadly no longer together, their eponymous solitary album holds up a nice snapshot of what they once were, fresh in your mental scrapbook. It's not like the glorious panavision of being suffused by that warm vibration live, but it captures a lot of that magic with craft and love.

The Shoes were not a band to analyse and compare, they were a thing to themselves, not alone, because 20th century contemporary music has seeped through like a gesso priming the canvas onto which 21st century bands must leave their marks, but to one side, without a lot of that bullshit and pretension that can weigh down a lot of their contemporaries.

Dom Parker is a great songwriter with an intense focus that burns a magnifying glass shaped hole through their eponymous debut album 'Worried Shoes'. It bears repeated listening and leaves on the line are rendered as viscerally as track marks on the uncovered forearm of of the juddering, hypnotic pulse of the songs journeys down train tracks, and Rottweiler roads.

Photograph of bass player Naomi Girdler of the band 'Worried Shoes' playing live at Freedom Fields festival PlymouthABOVE : Plymouth Alternative Independent Punk Rock bass player Naomi Girdler from 'Worried Shoes

Plankton Bellies and Demon Tits are also exposed as unlikely sources of comfort in the desaturated carnival that the band embellish with rare uric acid infused crystal jewels. This is in no small part down to Luke Richards who deploys his guitar like a wily weasel warped piss weapon, spraying auricular egesta around the eight tracks that make up this recording.

 Worried Shoes playing live Nowhere Inn PlymouthABOVE : Plymouth Alternative Independent Rock band 'Worried Shoes' at The Nowhere Inn

It is all driven along by Naomi Girdler 's ringing bass lines, pure, redolent and resonating between the nuanced, spectacularly expressive drumming of Tim Langsford.

It's really good and you should all download it right now.

You can download the album 'Worried Shoes' by 'Worried Shoes' here


Fans of the band 'Worried Shoes' at The Junction Pub in PlymouthABOVE : Plymouth Alternative Music fans of 'Worried Shoes' at The Junction Plymouth



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