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Anarchy in Plymouth | 17/12/16 | The Sex Pistols Experience, London Calling and Broken Hearts

Anarchy In Plymouth | 17/12/16 | The Sex Pistols Experience, London Calling and Broken Hearts| 40th Punk Rock Anniversay of The Anarchy Tour | Music Photography in Plymouth

The Sex Pistols Live Music Action Photograph Plymouth  ABOVE : Plymouth Punk Rock Music Photography documents the Anarchy In the Uk Anniversary Show featuring The Sex Pistols Experience

Tell people That The Sex pistols and the Clash ONCE played Plymouth, on a nationwide tour that also Featured Johhny Thunder and the Heartbreakers, and they will often look at you incredulously.

Plymouth the city has a long musical heritage hosting scenes and bands that graced much bigger cities and venues across Britain and Europe in the last 70 years....




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