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About Greenbeanz Photography

We believe that photography should have a beating heart, a soul. Life is short and precious memories can fade. We think the best way to capture them is by improvising and doing things a little differently. Even traditional events can be brought to life with a new way of seeing. As well as photography Greenbeanz Media make films, record music and create electronic media . This background and continuing practice means that we are used to improvising and devising creative strategies and solutions. It's not just about thinking outside of the box, sometimes it is about  being able to make a new box, or packing the box flat and going outside. 

These influences are not just ethereal, they all play a part in the decision making that motivates the capturing of that one decisive moment.  Your memories are important, so we know how to tread gently and disappear into the background, when realising your vision. We use a combination of cameras and systems to tailor make the services we provide, around your specific needs.


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