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Damerels, Tripper, Quiet Man, Paul Armer, and Bad Credentials live at Underground Plymouth | 02/06/17 | Plymouth Live Music Photography

Damerels, Tripper, Quiet Man, Paul Armer, Bad Credentials at Underground Plymouth | 02/06/17 | Plymouth Live Music Photography

Damerels at Underground, Garage Punk Rock Music Photography in Plymouth.ABOVE : Damerels at Underground Plymouth UK Punk Garage Rock Music Photography.

Friday 02 June 2017 and Damerels were back. With support from Tripper,Quiet man,Paul Armer and Bad Credentials, the three piece turned the underground into a cathedral of cathartic Cacophonous sonority.

Underground has played host to an incredibly diverse range of musical mayhem over the years,the disciples of dissonance and the apostles of assonance, meeting here regularly to partake of what is on offer from acts travelling in from all over Europe and the UK. Friday was the time for local musicians to deliver their musical manifestos, and allow the audience some respite from the political brouhaha bubbling around the country in recent weeks.


Plymouth Punk Rock Photograph James and Edd of Bad Credentials ABOVE : Punk Rock band Bad Credentials photographed at Underground in Plymouth

The evening began with Bad Credentials, responsible for penning among other gems the brilliant “(I love my baby but she's in love with) Nigel”. A salutary reminder that nobody is perfect and some people will forever insist that chips go with gravy despite never having ventured beyond the most northerly Trago Mills.

Live Music Photograph Plymouth Underground Bad Credentials SingerABOVE : Singer/Guitarist James from Bad Credentials photographed Underground Plymouth

Edd bass Guitar Plymouth Underground Live Music Photograph PunkABOVE : Edd Moore (Bass) Bad Credentials live in Plymouth at Underground 02 JUNE 2017

If you think that is catchy, then you don't have to be much more than an apprentice a Journeyman, or even to be able to stand up particularly straight, to appreciate the clever and cascading joyful refrains of “He was a Mason”. They are a bit daft but you can not help but sing a long in that great tradition of The Ramones and their British Punk Rock equivalents. Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.

The trio currently have an EP 'This changes Everything' available on i-tunes, Amazon and spotify and you can see the 'Straight to Hell' video here

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Plymouth-Underground-Music-Photography-Live-Portrait-Paul-ArmerABOVE : Photograph of Alt-Country Songwriter Paul Armer playing at Plymouth (Devon) Music Venue 'Underground'

Paul Armer is an alt/punk country singer songwriter from Saltash who was joined by Jim MacGregor on pedal steel guitar for a nice change of pace and and dynamics, a feature which defined the night and the solidarity among westcountry musicians that makes nights like this possible.

Plymouth-live-music-Photography-Guitar-Paul-Armer-Black-and-nwhiteABOVE : Live music photograph of Paul Armer playing guitar at The Junction Plymouth

It has been said that it is what you do within the confines of an art form that gives your work structure, tension and relativity, and that is certainly the case here with Paul Armer who uses the isolation and geographical periphery of the westcountry to his advantage here.

Underground-Country-music-Photography-Pedal-Steel-Slide-Guitar-Bokeh-Plymouth-UKABOVE : Music Photograph of Pedal Steel Guitar player JimMacGregor at Underground in Plymouth

MacGregor's doleful pedal steel work elevates the journey that Paul's music takes you on, like long drawn out light trails of passing car lamps mapping out the long concrete and tarmac lines that snake through the dark night driving thru our rural idyll.

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Live Music Photograph of Harcore thrash Crust Band Quiet Man playing in PlymouthABOVE: Live Music Photograph of the Hardcore Thrash Band Quiet Man playing in Plymouth at Underground

If there was a competition for understatement of the month, I could probably be quite confident entering it with the words "Quiet Man are very different to Paul Armer". It is a testament to Plymouth Music fans and promoters that an evening as diverse as this one can still be well supported with the King Colobus, Waxx and Warhorns show at The Junction across the road happening at the same time. Jon, Matt, Dan and Marc need no introduction and their particular take on Hardcore/Thrash/Metal/Crust

Photograph Hardcore Metal Drummer Music Underground Plymouth Band Quiet ManABOVE: Live Music with Hardcore/Crust band Quiet Man's Drummer at Underground Plymouth

Singer Marc is not one to stand on ceremony and launched the band into proceedings with more gusto than a Plymouth lightning storm, spitting great forks of cathartic wisdom, highlighting the dynamics of a band intent on steam rollering you into submission. Dan and Matt piston the whole vehicle forward while Jon alernates between grounding the oppressive gloom into splinters and filling your nether regions with angry fat bees.

UK Hardcore Thrash Crust band Quiet Man photographed in Plymouth UndergroundABOVE: Photograph of Rock band Drummer playing in Plymouth with the band Tripper

Quiet Man are a joy to experience with all the fun of the fair and no Candy floss post gig sticking your fingers together , though I cannot promise they will not make your teeth hurt.

UK thrash metal Band Quiet man photographed in Devon playing at Underground to Plymouth Music FansABOVE: Quiet Man photographed in Plymouth playing at Underground 02/06/17

Rock Photograph of Devon Crust hardcore band Quiet ManABOVE: Plymouth UK Hardcore/Noise/Metal Photography Quiet Man performing at Underground Live Music Venue

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Live Music Photograph of Rock Band Tripper playing in PlymouthABOVE: Live Music Photograph of the Rock Band Tripper playing in Plymouth at Underground

A bit like trying to build a sandcastle with Lego, words are not going to do this band justice and any sentence with which I hope to describe them is going to be much more like standing barefoot on a 6er than the rush of sand thru your hands. When a band moves as one then it is very hard to not jump right on board and enjoy the ride.

Photograph Rock Singer Music Underground Plymouth Band TripperABOVE: Live Music with Tripper at Underground on Plymouth's Mutley Plain

It is a bit like that moment in a fight when a boxers weeks of pre bout training finally gel into a great combination that dictate a round and establish the tone of a fight. Tripper sonically move like that ,with great discipline but also spontaneity in varying the dynamics to respond to the situation.

UK Rock drummer photographed in Plymouth playing for TripperABOVE: Photograph of Rock band Drummer playing in Plymouth with the band Tripper

The sound and performance are not just there to showcase the songs the band love performing and playing and it is infectious. John,Ross,Neil and Dan are much more thatn just a Rock band from Plymouth. Go and see them live.

UK Rock Band Tripper photographed in Devon playing at Underground to Plymouth Music FansABOVE: Tripper photographed in Plymouth playing at Underground 02/06/17

Rock Photograph of Devon Guitar band TripperABOVE: Plymouth Rock Photography Tripper Guitarist performing at Underground Live Music Venue

The band currently have an EP 'Taut Orchestras' available on Bandcamp and you can see them in a short video clip here

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Not quite a night of multiple aural orgasms but it is not an exaggeration to say that the night climaxed with a clangorous carillon of tintinnabulation . The tumultuous uproar that is Damerels surfed in on a nervous wobbly wave of charged anticipation. Allister Gall, Tom Richardson and Ben Turner take the garage rock rule book and after dipping it in rum, not just rip it up, but hand it out to the audience so that they can satiate themselves.

 Photograph of UK Garage Rock band Damerels PlymouthABOVE: Photograph of Damarels guitarist Tom Richardson Rocking Underground Plymouth

This is what punk rock music always promised to be an experience a sense of camaraderie and shared experience, based not in some kind of religious reverence ,all though there is a smidgeon of that secular appropriation here tonight but fans and fellow cohorts eager to sup and partake again after the bands absence.

Punk Rock performance Music Photograph Plymouth DamerelsABOVE: Photograph of Punk Rock performance by Damerels singer Allister Gall at Plymouth Underground

There is the fuzzy warmth of Iggy and the Stooges with a similarly enigmatic but scaled up frontman, more clothes, less hair on top, more on the face, he leads his brethren on stage and off as a possessed lay preacher offering up his vocal chords for the sake of all and a chance to give it all in an uproarious orgy of bewailing pandemonium.

Plymouth Punk Fans at Underground Plymouth

ABOVE: Plymouth Fans at Underground Plymouth with Damarels 02 JUNE 2017

As an intense three piece they make a glorious and thunderous sound. In the cavern like sepulchral venue that Underground can be when filled with hungry fans, the buzz grubs are urgent, chattering back between band and congregation, the infinite feedback loop driven relentlessly forward by Ben Turners rambunctious urgent drumming.

Uk Garage Rock Band Damarels playing live in Plymouth UndergroundABOVE: Garage Rock band Damerels playing live at Underground Plymouth 02/06/17

The crowd are not quite myrmidon, but their unwavering support seems to drive Tom Richardson on, filling the space with warm fluffy iron wool balls of incandescent rage, out of which Allister Gall emerges hollering at the ceiling, channelling his ire and love, in thru a microphone, he flourishes like a brush, a beacon , a ballistic carrier of vociferous violence and ear splitting sonnets to desperation and making things anew.

UK Punk Fans play with Damarels at Underground PlymouthABOVE: Uk Garage Punk Rock fans drum with Damerels at Plymouth Music Venue Underground

The drums come out, off the side of the stage, and the tribe plays with similar abandon, but no less focus than the men who have brought them here. It is a fitting finale to a love drenched outpouring of affiliation, They came for a different kind of manifesto, and were rewarded with a majestic euphony, and the feeling of having been a part of something much larger than oneself.

Gig Photograph at Underground Plymouth fans watching Damerels performABOVE: Gig Photograph at Underground of Plymouth fans watching Damerels perform


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